While attending the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas last month, Greta from the ManageSpace team spoke with Ryan Burkhart, CEO and Founder of SEO 360 Tours. Ryan details the importance of SEO for your self-storage business and how to utilize it so your self-storage facilities can stand out from your competitors.


Greta: All right, hey, I'm here with Ryan at 360 SEO. Did I say that right?

Ryan: SEO 360 Tours.

Greta: Okay, all right. I'm here with Ryan at 360 SEO Tours and we wanted to talk about the importance of SEO to the self-storage industry. How do you see SEO shaping the self-storage industry?

Ryan: I think it's very important. The more you do for Google, the more you put on your website, the more content you have, the more it's going to help your search ranking. So, you know, especially with Google, if you're going to do a virtual tour, pictures, anything that would help, you know, showcase your facility, it always helps.

Greta: So tell me a little bit about like taking pictures and using SEO for the metadata of our images because a lot of a lot of self-storage has to do with images and internet.

Ryan: Yes, yes, so I mean, I think it all comes down to quality. You know, the better pictures you have, the better you're going to kind of showcase your facility online. So if you have a higher-quality picture rather than a cell phone picture, it's going to help you out.

Greta: What kind of SEO keywords have you been seeing the most often in reference to the self-storage industry?

Ryan: Right, so yeah, I mean, obviously self-storage and, you know, location contact lists is getting a lot more popular now. There's a lot of, you know, companies that are doing more with the contact list. So I've been seeing that a lot and then you, you know, you're looking for the clean, good location. Obviously, location is going to be something that they always going to search for first. So that brings me to near me.

Greta: How important is near me to achieving SEO success when you're writing your content?

Ryan: Very important, yes. I got nothing else to say. It's vital. All right, thank you so much. I appreciate it.