The ManageSpace team had a great time at the recent ISS World Expo in Las Vegas. We spoke with self-storage professionals and provided live platform demos to attendees. Corey Reynolds of A Place To Store gave his feedback on the ManageSpace platform.

Ilyssa: Hey, Corey, do you mind telling us a little bit about what you liked about the managed space platform?

Corey: Sure thing. I have used one software for a very long time, and I've been stuck with it. It's all I know, but I also realize that there's been so many things that we've been restricted on so many things that I realize that I would love to change and we haven't been able to change that. So what I love about this is that I can customize it to whatever I need at my facility. If I don't like the payment process or I can change that if I don't like the visualized data at the bottom, I can change that. It's all customized based on what I, as an individual user, need so great.

Ilyssa: Thank you so much.