The ManageSpace Dev Team has been actively working on system improvements. They've recently introduced a feature enabling users to add fees and taxes during check-out, facilitating actions like applying late fees or providing discounts. The next focus is on enhancing organization-level settings, allowing defaults for currency, move-out notice periods, and more. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Hey all, Theo here from the ManageSpace Dev Team. We've been working on loads recently, fine-tuning the system and ensuring everything is aligned, but namely, we've been working on the ability to add fees and taxes to an account when they’re checking out. This allows you to, for example, add late fees and perhaps even give them a discount if needed. Next I'll be working on enhancing the organization level settings, allowing you to create defaults for things such as currency, the number of days notice a customer must give before they can move out, and lots more. Look forward to seeing you all in the next update!