We're excited to show the demo to everyone at the ISS World Expo, with new features such as high-tech search options which we can't wait to show you all.

Hi everybody, Darren here. Another quick update from me. We've just finished the last sprint ready for the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas next week. So we've just deployed our application out into our staging environment which is where we'll do the demos from. It's looking really good. There's lots of new features in there. We've got things in there to allow searches to dynamically build tables that show you the different dimensions and facets of the data that you want to see. For instance if you're filtering down wanting a small unit it would show you the different options, it would show you the different prices and the price ranges, it will show you the different features that are available. You can say I want a climate controlled one, you know, you can say I want a chain lock door or whatever. It will show you the options and the different price ranges that they come up. It's really intelligent stuff, really proud of that. We've also done some work on the data reports as well so you can now save your reports, you can rerun them and again can download them. So lots of things adding on to those things as well. So hope to see you at ISS next week. Do drop by our store and say hi. Thanks, bye.