Darren provided a quick project update. The ManageSpace team are enhancing billing, payments, and user interface for tablet compatibility. The Smart Bar, powered by AI and machine learning, is in the works. Custom workflow capabilities and streamlined onboarding are priorities, allowing users to automate various tasks. Exciting developments ahead!

Hey everybody, Darren here. Just a quick update for you. Lots of things happening on the project at the moment. We've got loads of work going on at the moment around billing, payments, lots of ways for you to view your transactions and your invoices and subscriptions and rentals. We're doing a lot of work on the usability and also on the user interface to make it work much better on a tablet so you can walk around with your iPad and you can have a look at all the different things that are going on whilst you're actually standing next to the unit that you're talking about. We're also working on things like Smart Bar which is an automated test kind of facility with artificial intelligence and machine learning. So loads of smart stuff coming through that. Workflow is quite a big focus for us again at the moment as we add some custom capability to allow you to write your own workflow steps and to trigger those. So imagine that you have some things going on where you want to follow up with an email two weeks after someone's moved in, you want to do something where you want to extract a load of data and send it over to, I don't know, Salesforce or something. You can write these yourself and plug them in or we can write them for you. We're also looking at billing and payments and there's quite a lot going on with that and onboarding as well and that's a really big one for us. We want to make sure your data can be imported really seamlessly so a big focus for us right now. That's all from me. Have a great day. Bye.