The ManageSpace team have been preparing to implement their software in a storage facility, gathering valuable feedback, and addressing issues with the payment service to ensure smooth transactions. Additionally, they are adding new features like multiple payment methods, including cash and check, as well as accommodating partial payments, fees, and insurance subscriptions. Exciting developments are on the horizon.

Hey, John here from ManageSpace in the UK. Just a quick update to let you know what we've been doing. We've had a really busy few weeks getting ready to take our software into a storage facility and we've been enjoying getting the feedback from that. Great feedback and we've been working the way through that and in particular I've been working on the payment service, fixing a few bugs in there, making sure nobody's going to get double charged, nobody's going to get a free unit and we're also adding new things like extra payment methods, adding cash in check and things like partial payments, fees, insurance subscriptions, all sorts of things. Can't wait for you to see it. See you soon!