Simon provided an update on the UX research efforts. They're actively developing a new platform and are taking early builds to potential clients for testing and feedback. They prioritize a user-centric design approach and continuously iterate based on user insights. This iterative process has resulted in an exciting and progressively improving product, although it presents challenges for the development team due to frequent changes.

Hi, it's Simon here from ManageSpace. A quick update from the UX research side. We are developing away the new platform. What's really exciting is that we're taking that early platform builds into potential clients, getting them to test it, and then we're iterating on the back of that. So we're taking everything we learn from those sessions and we are designing the system so really user first. I know a lot of people talk about doing user first design and putting the customer or the user at the heart of what they do, but we really are doing it on a sprint by sprint basis. So it's super refreshing to work like that. It's very exciting and ultimately you can see the product develops, grows, and gets better and better each time we do it. So it's great work. Tough for the developers to handle so many changes, but they are a great team that's really producing some exciting software.