Darren touches on the continued hard work of the ManageSpace team and that the workflow is an exciting and challenging 'beast' to tackle.

Hey everybody, Darren here. At this sprint, Lee and I are spending quite a lot of time looking at the architecture, looking at the things that we need to delve into technical designs on. We have a sprint ready that the guys are working on, that are looking at things like merchandise and categories and things like that. And also workflow. Workflow is a complex beast. It's going to be really powerful and the guys are really enjoying trying out ideas with that and how we're going to make that work. It's a lot of fun and I've got a lot of intelligent guys working really hard to try and get this sprint delivered. We are working toward another increment in 6-8 weeks time, but incrementally we'll be delivering every 2 weeks after each sprint anyway. But yeah, it's brilliant. I'm really loving this project. OK, thanks. Bye.