In a recent update from the ManageSpace Dev Team, Lee reported that they're halfway through their sprint. They're focusing on adding Billing and Payments features, boosting the Smart Bar for improved navigation and productivity, and exploring options for third-party developers to enhance extensibility. Exciting developments are on the horizon!

Hi, it's Lee from the ManageSpace Dev Team here, just another quick update. We're about halfway through our current sprint at the moment and we're adding in lots of new features around the Billings and Payments area of the Managed Space system and we're adding in new UI elements and API endpoints to support the displaying of financial information, so transactions, invoices, that kind of thing. There's a lot still to do, it's very early days, but already it’s looking really good. In addition to that we've been working quite heavily on enhancing the capabilities of the Smart Bar and the natural language processing functions that that has and trying to really make that a focal point for the application and to increase productivity and making that a sort of a central point of navigation and use for the system and that’s coming on really well. It's actually really exciting to see the things that can be done using that technology. Further to that we've recently just also started improving our extensibility offering and we're starting to create a CLI tool so that third-party developers could actually create their own custom steps that can be integrated into our workflow engine and similarly this is very early days at the moment but it's incredibly exciting to see what we're going to be able to do with that in the future. Thanks!